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Student Council

Director : Dr.A.V. Lingaraju
Coordinator : Asst. Prof. Mrs. I. Kavitha

2012 - 2013
Chairman : Dineshkumar. M.D (Dept. of English)
Vice-Chairman : Salomirani. J (Dept. of Tamil)
Secretary : Kasthuri. S (Dept. of Tamil)
Joint Secretary :

Elayaraj. A (Dept. of Physical Science)

Treasurer :

Aliver Nickson Bright. A (Dept. of English)

2011 - 2012
Chairman : Arulmani. M (Dept. of Mathematics)
Vice-Chairman : Muthumeena. A (Dept. of English)
Secretary :

Balakrishnan. R (Dept. of English)

Joint Secretary :

Merlin. B (Dept. of English)

Treasurer :

Sureshkumar. C (Dept. of Computer Science)

2010 - 2011
Chairman : Vadamalam. S (Dept. of Mathematics)
Vice-Chairman :

Kalaithendral. J (Dept. of History)

Secretary :

Venkadesan. G (Dept. of English)

Joint Secretary :

Vasanthi. R (Dept. of English)

Treasurer :

Rajeshkumar. J (Dept. of Mathematics)

Role and Responsibilities of College Union Office Bearers
  • Cleanliness of the campus
  • Welfare of the students
  • Overall co-ordinators of different clubs (subject clubs, environ club..)
  • To maintain proper dress code for both male and female students.
  • Overall organizers of various functions of the colleges in consultation with staff and students
  • Proper conduct of daily assembly

Activities of the student council
  • Citizenship Camp
  • Sports Day
  • Educational Tour
  • Festivals
  • College Day
  • Republic Day
  • Teachers Day
  • Independence Day


Student Net Price Calculator

Inspiring the present student-teachers by detailing the different channels of job opportunity.

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